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3 Mar 2021 1:39 PM | Oliver Buchmann

I have been a member of the VSCCC for a few years now. I have known all along that we, as an organization were members of the SVAA (Specialty Vehicle Association of Alberta), but I must confess I have never really had a look at what they do. 

Just a few of the things they do:

  • Safety Checklists
  • Stolen Vehicle Database
  • Newsletters
  • Events

Have a look at their website at Below, I have posted some information from their website regarding the Stolen Vehicle Database as well as information on the new Alberta Licence Plates. 

Stolen Report

The SVAA provides a method to report a stolen vehicle. Go to and follow the information to submit a report.

A recent report is available at:

If you have any questions, please contact SVAA at

New Alberta License Plates

As of January 1, 2021 new rules came into place for license plates. SVAA was engaged in this process. This was one of the proposals that was put forth to reduce some of the governments red tape. It only affects plates that require annual renewal so it does not affect the antique plates and perhaps will make it easier to run Year of Manufacture (YOM) plates on antique registered vehicles.

The new reflective licence plates will only be issued on a go‐forward basis. Service Alberta will continue to issue the existing non‐reflective plates until the current supply is exhausted. There is no plan to require Albertans to replace their existing licence plate with the new reflective plates, as long as the vehicle’s ownership remains the same.

Following is the link to the following attachment concerning the new reflective licence plates:

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